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3D Fire fighting Gallery

Travel to distant lands

meet interesting people

and ....

burn things

2009 Germany - 3D Fire Fighting Instructor Development

The whole team

Some dedicated people

European Leaders

Some of the best firefighting instructors in Europe joined together to share knowledge and expereince. Belguim, Germany, Luxemburg, Holland, Croatia, Switzerland, France

Nozzle Training

Under the expert guidance of Australia's John McDonough

Smoke Gas Ignition Cell


2009 Sweden - Sando

Mats Rosander

One of the original pioneers of what we now call CFBT and Gas Cooling.

Markos Dimingous and Nisse Berstrom

These men carried the torch and helped to share the knowledge with the world.


It was a great honour to be part of such a historic gathering.

3 Amigoes


2009 Croatia - 3D Fire Fighting for ARFF

Mario Rogina

3 Vetrans

Sinisa Jembrith and Mario Rogina - Croatian CFBT Pioneers


2009 Croatia - CFBT Instructor Development

Dario Gaus - Deputy Regional Commander and CFBT Pioneer

Nikola Tramontana - Regional Manager of Training and CFBT pioneer.

Training Site in Klana

Regional CFBT Instructors

Tactical Ventilation Training


2008 Thailand - October

Crisis Emergency Response Training School

The dedicated and professional training team.

Foundational Training

The training centre has a strong focus on building the essential foundational skills in a progressive and safe manner.

DD Fire and Safety

The site includes a spacious support building with all of the essential requirements.

Well Designed and Constructed

The flashover simulator is of the elevated type and features effective insulation and is designed for easy loading.

Multi-compartment Prop

This structure has a number of rooms and allows for the development of tactical skills for fire attack and ventilation.



2008 UK/USA - July

Washington Hall. Lancashire FRS Training Centre. Mark Reilly, Mark McDonough, Shan Raffel

Ground Zero Monument

New York FD Training Academy

Self Rescue Training

FDNY training Complex

Firefighter Down Training

Nothing to do with firefighting, but are squirrels cute or what?

NIST Firefighter Research

NIST Large Fire Research Center

Large Fire Lab

IFSTA Fireground Support Operation. Validation Committe Meeting, Tulsa OK

2008 Sweden - May

All 4 authors together in 1 place for the first time ever.

Grimwood, McDonough, Hartin, Raffel

Our host

Dr Stefan Svensson

Stefan demonstrating the principles in small scale before proving it in the burn house.

Raffel, Peter McBride (Canada), Juan Carlos Campana (Spain).

Lasse Nelson, Fire Engineer, Firefighter, Instructor Revinge

Steven Kerber, (USA) Fire Protection Engineer, Firefighter.

Maciej Maczkowski (Poland) Chief Instructor

Fredrik Johansson (Sweden) Fire Engineer, Firefighter, Instructor Revinge

Dr Stefan Sardqvist, Fire Protection Engineer.

Now that is fire training!

P Grimwood, S Morizot, S Kerber, L Nelson, S Sardqvist, P McBride, K Garcia, F Johansson

M Maczkowski, Ed Hartin, S Raffel, J McDonough, J C Campana, JE, S Svensson

2007 Germany November

International Firefighting Seminar, Boeblingen, Germany

Preparations are underway to seat over 350 participants from various parts of Europe.

Speakers, Ed Hartin (USA) and Sinisa Jembrih (Croatia) discussing the finer points at the seminar.

Hartin and Raffel

2007 Croatia November

The site of Croatia's first CFBT cell.

Croatia's CFBT Instructors demonstrate their stuff to the national media and Fire Service representatives across Croatia.

Ignition of accumulated unburnt fire gases.

We were honoured with hospitality across Croatia.

Tradition and professionalism.

2007 New Zealand September

CFBT Centre with state of the art smoke scrubber

How can you resist the opportunity to try out the worlds most recent smoke scrubbing CFBT facility?

Dr Stefan Svensson, Swedish Rescue Services Agency; and Shan Raffel, Australia, give the NZ scrubber the thumbs up!


2007 July USA - IFSTA - Tulsa

IFSTA validation Committee, Tulsa 2007

Fireground Support Operations

By Firefighters, for Firefighters


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USA - Aviation Conference
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Hong Kong
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South Africa - Fire Tactics Summit


Interschutz Germany

Norway - Exercise Iron Sword, NATO





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